Hot and Sticky

Sitting here and writing in the hot and muggy weather of New England, I remember this to be the definition of summer as a child… It is as if the weather knew it had better get a move on up here in Vermont, or there would be no vegetables come fall.  Only a few weeks ago we were sleeping here under multiple layers, not to mention we spent the last night of June in long pants.  But here we are 2 days later, hot and sticky. Swimming holes and computer time is all that is on our children’s minds.

Just as these seasonable change hit so did the allergies, questions of what’s next, and across the board the irritability potential has been raised.  But, as this crazy bus life family we are; we all tried our best to support each other, own what is ours to own, and work on keeping it all in perspective. The moment is now, beyond that who knows!

We have begun o find our little places of comfort for today: food, computers, blessed fans & breezes, and the remembrance that this moment is the only thing we can truly have.  With this increased calmness we can now better view our next steps.  First on the list is to be more self-sufficient with our bus, while maintaining our commitment to lessening our carbon footprint… This means solar, a veg oil system, and a roof garden for greens & herbs.  The heat has brought transformation; a more balanced drive, and increased vision.


To be continued J


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