Mt. Washington Region, New Hampshire

After five amazing days in the Great North Woods we were happy to reach cell service and warmer weather upon arriving at the Mt. Washington Auto Road. The warm weather was stuck with us until we reached the peak at 6,288 feet, where it was barely 32 degrees! The drastic change in temperature is a trademark of Mt. Washington. The Auto Road is the perfect way to learn the rich history of this area.
Less than 20 minutes away was our home away from home for a couple of days. The accommodations at Attitash Mountain Village were amazing. The location was perfect for us, and it had every comfort of home perfect after our time in the woods. The room would be wonderful in the winter too, complete with fireplaces and in-room hot tubs. We appreciated having a little time to relax before our 8 o’clock dinner at Margarita Grill. Margarita Grill is not your run of the mill mountain town restaurant. They specialize in local and organic food with a Southwest flare.


Climbing Square Ledge with Northeast Mountaineering

We have tried our hand at a number of different climbing adventures this season: Giant jungle gyms to indoor bouldering rooms. It was time to put our developing skills to the test. We called our friends at Northeast Mountaineering (NEM) and asked if they knew of a good place for our first climb. Not only did they know of a place, but they graciously outfitted us with all the necessary gear and a top notch guide named Noah. Noah was not only a great instructor, but he has a ton of world class experience, including a climb in Patagonia that entailed getting dropped off by a plane, then hiking 20 hours a day for a week straight just get to the climbing spot! Talk about determined.

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