The Gemini River of Friends is GROWING :)

The Gemini River of Friends is GROWING :)

As we get ready to hit the road nothing could make us happier than to have the support of some amazing businesses sending us off with Love from the Great North East… Make sure to check out their awesome work 🙂

Extreme Bucket List, NY

People’s Bakery, MA

Roller, NY

Putney General Store, VT

We’re taking our family on an extreme adventure of a lifetime…

We’re taking our family on an extreme adventure of a lifetime…

Our inspiration for this adventure is living life in the moment… We want to give our children a chance to learn about living life to the fullest and in harmony with the land. But, where will that place ultimately be?

We are yet to know, so first we will voyage across the country visiting our friends, living in tents and finding new places. There’s a stop planned in Puerto Rico too, where we will live on a farm and grow organic produce! We plan to cook our own food, build shelters, make art and follow our hearts’ truest desires.

Snorkeling, Sky Diving, Kayaking, Bouldering, Hot Air Ballooning, Climbing through Caves and Caverns, Horseback Riding, Riding in a Helicopter, Extreme Skate Parks, learning, blogging and sharing all along the way!

Margarita Grill ~ Mt. Washington Region, NH

IMG_0673 CS                         IMG_0659 CS                        Burger CS      margarita_grill_logo

The meal was surely worthy of praise. After all what’s an adventure without some high quality creative food to fill our bellies and souls afterwards. We chose our drinks from their slate drink menu and ordered a couple of soups to share while we took everything in. The menu was big and delicious, making it a challenge to chose. But at last we did. Local bacon wrapped around stuffed Jalapeños shared the next course with mouth watering crab cakes. Local treasures of Mushrooms, Onions, Herbs, Tomatoes and Peppers graced our entrees. After all this we couldn’t help but to try their desserts, the chocolate cake they had that evening is something we still talk about.