Planning our next expedition across the USA


 our bus July

Exciting times here… Starting to plan our trip back out into the wild blue yonder. It has been wonderful being back home, friends, family, sun and fun. But as the middle of July is upon us, and the first leaves are changing we are gearing up to head west again.

We will have a map of the journey soon.  We learned from our last trip that life on the road brings many surprises and unknown turns in the road… So, we are open to shifts in our plans. However mapping out our route and adventures along the way is a must. 

Do you have a suggestion of a place we should go, or an adventure we shouldn’t miss? Please let us know.  We would love to know the coolest place in your neck of the woods or a place you would love to travel to. 





Simple Life = Adventure Now

Extreme, adventure, what do these words mean to you? To us they mean a way of life! No matter the place or the time we are always striving to live in the moment. And this my friends is the adventure, an extreme & epic one at that!  We have desires for places to see, experiences to be had, and flavors to taste… But where we will end up no one really knows. Let us start with the cause of the final push that lead us to leave the rental market and get on the road in the first place.

Scaling down to from a 3 story house in a Southern VT. ski town (first to our station wagon and now living on our renovated school bus), has afforded us the opportunity to wander and wonder about what’s next.  Before leaving we had been planning and dream building for years about an off the grid homestead with very unique structures for our family. But nothing seemed to materialize, then finally last fall we thought we had a break… It was a big job we had been working on for a few months. The day we were to receive a large payment from the clients the whole project fell through. This happened as no result of our own, but still it was our reality to contend with.

Most people we mentioned it to felt bad for us, some got really pissed off about the details of the situation, and many even thought we should sue the organization. Instead of feeling down or angry we asked ourselves, what does this mean for us? What’s next for us? Why do these doors seem to keep closing? We reached out for some other money we were owed and that didn’t come through in the moment either. So, there we were 5 kids in the house, a frigid November heading into one of the coldest winters I can remember, no money and a low tank of propane.

We reached out to the family that owned the house we rented and asked if we could pay them 2 months late for rent and/or fix-up the house because of our situation. The house was in much need of repair: black mold, leaks, electric and the list goes on. But their answer was no, and if we couldn’t have the money on time they would like us to leave on Jan 1st.  Instead of giving notice on the spot we tried to come up with the money, we held out hope.

By the middle of December it was clear we wouldn’t be able to come up with the funds, so we decided our only option was to hit the road.  And this began the life style of adventure… Living in the moment and surfing the waves as they come!