Rock Climbing (western mass edition)

tommy @ Chapel Epic outdoor routes at Chapel in Ashfield, MA. Tommy ripping it up! 

brandi5.8centralrock Brandi powering up her first 5.8 at Central Rock Gym in Hadley, MAbrandi@farley Brandi on a 5.7 route at Farley, in MA. 

tommy 5 7 centralrockhadleyTommy working his way up the same 5.8 at Central Rock Hadley. 

The East has some epic climbs… Loving getting to know the rocks in Western MA.  #Climbon friends! 


Planning our next expedition across the USA


 our bus July

Exciting times here… Starting to plan our trip back out into the wild blue yonder. It has been wonderful being back home, friends, family, sun and fun. But as the middle of July is upon us, and the first leaves are changing we are gearing up to head west again.

We will have a map of the journey soon.  We learned from our last trip that life on the road brings many surprises and unknown turns in the road… So, we are open to shifts in our plans. However mapping out our route and adventures along the way is a must. 

Do you have a suggestion of a place we should go, or an adventure we shouldn’t miss? Please let us know.  We would love to know the coolest place in your neck of the woods or a place you would love to travel to. 




We’re taking our family on an extreme adventure of a lifetime…

We’re taking our family on an extreme adventure of a lifetime…

Our inspiration for this adventure is living life in the moment… We want to give our children a chance to learn about living life to the fullest and in harmony with the land. But, where will that place ultimately be?

We are yet to know, so first we will voyage across the country visiting our friends, living in tents and finding new places. There’s a stop planned in Puerto Rico too, where we will live on a farm and grow organic produce! We plan to cook our own food, build shelters, make art and follow our hearts’ truest desires.

Snorkeling, Sky Diving, Kayaking, Bouldering, Hot Air Ballooning, Climbing through Caves and Caverns, Horseback Riding, Riding in a Helicopter, Extreme Skate Parks, learning, blogging and sharing all along the way!